Friday, December 17, 2010

Working life

WoW!! Its been ages since i updated my blog. Guess was just too busy.. LOL.. A point of my life where i have to take the big leap and step into where i wanna head to in my life.. HAHHA.. Becoming a nobody or becoming a somebody.. Hmmm.... Different ppl will have different perspectives of life, that is what i belief.. No single human in the world has same thoughts in life, it is just how u overcome and see different thoughts and accept that different thought.. Here i go again.. Alot of thoughts and i can go on and on and on!! HAHA... Well no matter what a person should always be happy and be positive! Be patient! Good advises from a friend.. Thanks! Well just drop by to fill up my long gone update blog! ^.^ Take care all..

Saturday, November 21, 2009

ADIOS My dearest UK FRENs!!!

Good Bye my dearest UK frens.. To those who are staying back in the UK, good luck in ur studies and make sure u guys graduate as well and to those who has graduated, good luck in ur job search and all the best in watever you do.. Dont give up yea.. ^.^
I will definitely miss you all...

This post is especially for you guys.. I wanna thank all of you for the sweet memories and times that you all had spend with me.. You all have left a foot print in my life story and for that i want to let you all know that you all will never be forgotten..

To the DESIGNER group
*Vivien, Caryn, Thang Wei, Aaron* Axe and Slyvia Consider you guys in this group.. ^.^
I wanna thank you guys for letting me stay at ur place for a month. I noe i am abit noisy at times and a little problem as well but i am glad i had that one month to stay with you guys which i really did enjoy.. Felt the warmnest alhtough most of you are at work most of the time.. Thank you.. Not just letting me stay but treating me as one of ur close frens.. I felt the warmnest.. All the best in watever you do and good luck in ur future.. Thank you so much.. Muackz.. ^.^

To my dearest MARKETING frens
*Winnie, Kat, Atifi, Jon*
Thank you guys for all the sweet memories and times that you guys had spend with me.. I am really glad that i have meet you guys here in the UK.. And i am definite that our frenship will last long although we might be in different places but i noe we still can keep in toch and make sure we do yea... ^.^ Take care and good luck in ur future careers.. ^.^

*Yeong li, Jade, Ah hao, Leh Ling, Xin Yi*
Thank you for the short time period that you guys had spend with us.. Although it is not alot but still those little memories will be written down in my diary.. ^.^ Thank you for all the time you all had spent with me.. ^.^ Well good luck in ur studies and make sure u all graduate ok.. ^.^ Special thanks to yeong li and jade.. You guys make me feel like family.. ^.^

To my dearest Trip frens
*fong yee, ru yee, kong*
Good luck in watever you do and thank you for all the time that u guys have given me on trips.. ^.^ I will definitely the farnie parts and happy parts.. Well good luck in your future undertakings.. Make sure we must keep in touch ok... Muackz.. Take care.. Enjoy ur time in the UK..

To all my frens.. TAKE CARE AND I WILL DEFINITELY miss you guys.. Enjoy your time left in the UK.. Good luck.. Sayonara peeps.. ^.^

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My dearest mom's birthday.. ^.^

18th October 2009
Happy birthday my dearest mom.. I wish u happy days ahead and forever joyful.. ^.^ Ur two daugthers and son will alwyas be by ur side and our dearest dad which is ur husband will always love you and stand by you.. Your guidance in my life for this past 21 years has been the happiest thing that ever happen to me.. Thank you for all the hard work you have done for us.. I will remember every little detail things that you have done for us.. This year, once again i will not be there at home celebrating ur birthday with you.. Dont worry this will be the last.. ^^ Next year onwards i will make sure that i will celebrate ur birthday with you.. ^.^ Muackz.. Take care my dear mom.. Love you forever and always.. ^.^
Besides my mom's birthday, there is another happy thing that happen to me yesterday, well i am no longer single.. Just realise that i had two happy events that went on at the same time.. ^.^
Done with the happy stuff now back to figthing for my rights.. ^.^ Take care everyone.. ^.^

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


All of the sudden i realise that i did not blog for a long time.. I guess i was a little busy plus plain laziness.. LOL.. With the weather here in the UK, it is hard for someone not to be lazy.. Now i understand why the ppl here are not that hardworking.. Oh well, i am not going to be stayin in the country for long so it will not effect me.. ^.^
Hmm.. Well one thing positive for the past month is that i got my first salary.. ^.^ And then i meet alot of new ppl because finally summer holidays has come to an end and the start of a new semester in the UNI = alot of newbies.. ^.^ Well fun hanging out with them, makes me recall the days i first arrive here in the UK.. Cant belief that in a blink of an eye, it has been a year since i reached here.. ^.^ I definitely did learn alot throughout this whole year.. ^.^ I think i have never been this independent before.. LOL.. Well i think my parents will be proud of me.. ^.^ LOL.. And i definitely meet alot of awesome frens, frens from different interests and different backgrounds.. ^.^
Of course life aint that perfect, there are sad moments as well but i choose not to write it down as part of my life.. ^.^ Dont wanna really remember them though.. ^.^ There were times when things wasnt going as i planned which i did break down and for the first time i cried and woke the whole house up, damn that was an embarassment sorry housemates.. ^.^ Well those days has all pass *hope so* ^.^ Grew up after experiencing stuff that i have never experience before like for example house contracts and stuff.. Being cheated alot of $$ not in RM but pounds, Oh well thats life, there are cunning ppl that bullies ppl that they think can be bullied.. Will take this opportunity to learn more about the legal side of the world so that i wont get bullied that easily.. ^.^
More then a month left here in the UK, i must make sure i enjoy it to the max man.. ^.^ No regrets going back to malaysia then.. ^.^

Thursday, September 24, 2009

21st birthday

Thank you so much my dear friends for celebrating my 21st birthday.. ^.^ I know that you guys sacrifrice alot to make me happy and i am really really happy with what you guys have done for my birthday.. Thank you so much for everything.. ^.^ I think without you guys i will be celebrating my 21st birthday alone.. Thank you so much janice, chua, ee chuang, wei hao, kong, khai vin, ru yee and ah long.. Special thanks to thang wei, axe and slyvia for giving me a surprise on my 21st birthday although it was not that smooth but i really wanna thank you guys for the surprise.. Gam tung betul man.. Thank you for everything my dear frens..
To all my malaysia frens that posted wishes on my facebook, thank you so much for remembering my birthday and to those who called me and send me msgs... THank you so much for calling.. ^.^ Really shocked to receive ur call and msg.. Thank you so much.. ^.^ Love you guys so much.. You guys make my life so much more complete.. Finally 21 years old, my key to freedom.. ^.^
Thank you one and all.. ^.^

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A sweet surprise

16-09-09.. Today i receive a surprise package from my parents.. Cant belief that they delivered me a necklace with a key and a lock pendant.. 21st birthday.. Key of freedom or is it the key to the start of real life, working life.. ^.^ Oh well no matter wat meaning it is i am happy and blessed that i have such thoughtful parents.. Tears nearly role down my checks when i receive the package.. Thank you so much for everything.. Taking care of me for 21 years and yet i am still not in the real society yet alone.. I will promise u guys that the moment i am back to malaysia, i will no longer be ur burden ok.. ^.^ Love you both and take care..

Monday, September 14, 2009


Awaken at 8.30 in the morning by the eletrician who came to our house to start their work.. Think i got off the wrong side of the bed today.. Things aint going as well as i planned.. Hate changes, makes me so stressful.. LOL.. Well just thinking of everything possitively.. Hopefully things will go according to my plans soon.. fingers crossed.. ^^ It is september now, my favourite month of the year.. ^.^ Enjoy my dear september babies.. ^.^ Take care.. ^.^